The Werewolf Edit

Toby confides in Lina for support before his initiation. Lina comforts him and ensures him that it will be for the better. Lucy decides to start dating Dann and they discuss their powers, despite the fact that she understands Toby will never be the same. Dann believes Lucy is hiding her full power potenial and she tells him how she is forced to take drugs in order to hinder her powers from being full potential. The next day Lucy tries to rebel against taking her drugs but is caught by her dad who forces her to take it as he knows she can be dangerous if she doesn't. However Dann uses his telepathy on her dad to reverse his thoughts on the drugs. Lucy tells him that he is showing off, he agrees and takes her to school. When the moon comes out the OSO observe Toby turns from human to werewolf. Elgare tells them that they must hide as when Toby is a werewolf he can no longer remember who he is. Confused, Toby runs out of the shed into the woods.

Werewolf Toby is found by a young girl, called Penny, who has the power to talk to animals. she understands that Toby does not wish to be initiated and she hides him with her. When Toby becomes human again he asks Penny where he is and what he is doing in the middle of nowhere. She tells him that she is saving him from being initiated but human Toby knows that the initiation will help the OSO and he is willing to give up his power for that. Having not returned that night, Lucy, Dann, Tom and Lina go into the woods to find Toby. Dann jokes how it could be seen as a double date and Tom remains silent (despite his feelings for Lina). They find Toby in the woods in werewolf form again. They spot Penny trying to talk him out of the initiation and asks him whether he knows if it will be the human soul or the werewolf soul that will be taken.

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