The Visit Edit

The OSO are on a train journey on their long-awaited trip to the Alps with school. At night Lina wakes up to find Tom gone. Shes goes to look for him but accidentally wakes Dann up. She asks him if he has seen Tom to which he replies that he hasn't and he tells her to check all the other carriages. Lina comes to an empty carriage and begins having visions of the cloaked man who whispers the word 'shadower'. She asks him why he is following her and he tells her that he was the one who saved her life in the car crash by letting James die instead of her and the only way to keep her alive is by letting another one of her friends die. The next morning Lina wakes up to find Lucy shaking her. She tells her that Tom found her and that Mr Hugh told her to stay with Lina. Lucy tells her that the rest of the class have gone up the mountain and Lina insists they follow even though Lucy believes that Lina is ill. While going up the mountain it is visible to Lucy that Lina is ill and is so distracted by it that Lucy trips and nearly falls down the mountain but Lina manages to save her (saving the friend from death).

At night when everyone else is in bed in the cabins, Tom finds Lina wandering around in the snow. He asks her if she is ill and she tells him what happened to her as a child: how she was at a ski resort and an avalanche fell on her and that, thanks to Toby, she miraculously survived. She ensures him that she is fine and tells him to go to bed. After Tom leaves she is visited once again by the cloaked man, now called the Shadower, and despite her efforts to save her friend from death, he touches her head making her eyes go red and for Lina to become a spy of the OSO.

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