The Trapped Edit

Lucy shows the OSO the pictures of the evil that Edith gave her. When Lina sees them she panics to the point of running out of the shed and back to the house. Lucy realises Lina has been panicking often and asks Edith if she knows why. Edith explains that she is suffering due to the evil and that the OSO must find the evil before people get hurt. Lina tries to study in the cellar when she finds she's been locked in and can't get out. She starts banging on the door when an illusion of a cloaked man comes up from behind and whispers in her ear that her life is at stake. The cloaked man unlocks the door so she can get out and she runs away into the woods. The appearence of the cloaked man makes Lina remember her nightmare, and that he said the exact words in the dream that he had just told her. Lina doesn't mention seeing a cloaked man at the OSO meeting and leaves the meeting early.

Lina tries to clear her head by walking through the woods only to find Toby's human grave. Her thoughts revert back to Toby and becomes emotionally unstable. She is drawn to a cave in the woods to calm herself down but again finds herself trapped. When Lina doesn't come home that night, Tom goes to try and find Lina. In the woods he finds the cave that Lina is trapped in and sees a flash of blonde hair - Karin. He chases after her to get a closer look and calls Lucy to catch up to her while he retrieves Lina. Lucy catches up to Karin and ties her up. Lucy shows her the fire powers and forces her to tell her what she was doing. Karin claims she was only taunting Lina to get back at her for getting excluded and Lucy lets her go. Karin, who is oblivious to the OSO, begins to wonder how Lucy created the fire from her hands and researches it on the internet.

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