The Telepath Edit

The OSO members are brought to the shed where Elgare introduces them to new OSO member, Sirena Edwards, a telepath whom Dann had dated in the past. Karin, who has now left the OSO, befriends student librarian Maia Williams in the hope that she can get better grades with her intervention. Sirena moves to the boarding house and is forced to share a room with Lucy and Lina. Lucy tells Lina that she is worried that Dann and Sirena will get back together again, since she wants her relationship with Dann back. Lina tells her to tell Dann how she feels in the hope that he feels the same way. That night Lucy has a nightmare that she tells Dann that she still loves him only to find that he is evil and, with the help of Sirena, begins torturing her. Lucy wakes up and goes into the bathroom, only to find a message on the mirror in blood that reads 'I can hear your dreams you know.'

The next morning Lucy gets a call from the elderly retirement home informing that Edith, James' Great Grandmother, had died in the night. Later in the day Lucy, ready to tell Dann how she feels, sees Dann and Sirena hugging each other, makiny her instantly jealous of Sirena. When Karin is studying with Maia, she notices that Maia has eyes for previous lover, Elliott (who still has the green inside him). Karin tells her to ask him out on a date, Maia says that she doesn't think she's ready to ask him out again and Karin tells Maia to seize the day. Lucy goes to Edith's funeral in tears and makes a speech that she met Edith in the graveyard and that is the place she will say goodbye to her. The lady in the retirement home hands Lucy a present that Edith wanted her to have. Lucy opens the present to find a small necklace with a purple crystal, one of the seven needed for the Oryton. Lucy wears the necklace to bed when she has another nightmare, that Dann and Lucy are back together but when they in a cupboard and Dann unveils he is evil and attacks her.

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