The Switch Edit

Lucy and Dann find Elliott, now with no green, and Dann hynotises him to come back to the shed with them. Still under hypnosis, Elliott tells them that he made a deal with the Shadower that he would keep The Chosen safe In order for the Shadower to turn his powers good (after Odette made them for evil). The Shadower, however, disposed of Elliott's green and broke the deal because he let the demon out. Lucy asks who The Chosen is and Tom and Lina come in the room to reveal that Lina is The Chosen and that Sirena was the one who was draining her blood in order to kill her and not let the Oryton be created. Lina tells them that the Shadower was the one who gave her the Redlight in order to test her strength as The Chosen. Lucy is mad at the fact that Lina had not told anyone about this before now and storms out of the room.

Sirena, still hiding in the cave, decides that the only way she can get out is by switching bodies with someone. She spots Lucy up on the pier and makes a mental connection and switches bodies with her. Sirena (now in Lucy's body) tells herself that it's time to 'commit the sacrifice'. She is found by Dann who tells her to come back as they need to get ready for the prom. Tom brings up the courage to ask Lina to the prom, to which she accepts and gives him a science model as a thank you for helping her these last few years. Karin asks Dann if he's seen Sirena, who has been missing for two days. Dann tells her he has not but Lucy/Sirena nearly nods before denying anything. Karin tells Lina, who are both getting ready for the prom, that she is the one who freed Sirena, the one who was hurting Lina, and apologises. Lina tells her there is nothing to apologise for and tells her to keep positive as prom is a time to be happy. When Karin leaves Lucy/Sirena comes into the room and nearly kills Lina before Dann comes back in telling them it's time to go. Lucy wakes up in Sirena's body in the police station who inform her that she, too, is being charged with public indecency.

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