The Summoning Edit

While Lucy is locked away in a holding cell, the OSO mourn the loss of Lina. Elgare and Tom research the body-switching idea that Dann suggested and realises that when a telepath makes contact with a human the body retains the telepathic energy meaning that a telepath can switch bodies with a human if contact has been made. Karin realises that because she made contact with Sirena that she could attempt to switch bodies with her in order to bring her and Lucy back to the shed. Elliott comes into the shed and tells them that without the telepath's consent they require the Shadower to switch them. Elgare figures out how to summon the Shadower and they make a deal that the Shadower can take Sirena's powers after the switch. Karin anxiously tells Dann to lock her up as Sirena will be in Karin's body and will cause trouble if she is free. Dann tells her it's a risky mission and wishes her luck before the Shadower switches the minds.

Karin finds herself in Sirena's body in the cave of the beach and she searches through Sirena's brain for any sign of affection for her and is saddened to find no trace of affection for Karin whatsoever. Karin (in Sirena's body) goes to the police station and uses her new telepathic abilities to hypnotise the police officers and rescue Lucy from the cell. Lucy, who has become depressed, does not wish to leave after knowing it was her body who killed Lina. Sirena, who is now in Karin's body, tells the rest of the OSO that Karin is a fool for switching bodies with her because she (Karin) knows that by switching bodies with Sirena it will end her life. Dann rushes to the police office to rescue Lucy and confronts Karin. Karin explains to Dann (in private) that she was diagnosed with a terminal illness and only has around six months left.

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