The Spy Edit

The school and the OSO have returned from their Alps trip. On the day they return Lucy gets an urgent visit from Edith who worryingly tells her that the evil has been awakened. Lina, who now holds the evil in her soul, looks at herself in the mirror and works out the name for the thing possessing her, Redlight personality. In the morning Lina fakes passing out so she is unable to go to school and can freely spy on the OSO and gets out of bed to spy on the OSO meeting later that day. At the meeting Lucy tells the OSO that Edith says the evil has been awakened. Lucy and Tom, who still believe that Karin is the evil, think that she is inflicting pain on Lina. Dann, however, is unsure as he feels another presence outside of the shed. At the mention of that, Lina runs back to the house, dropping red crystals along the way.

Karin, who is taking a stroll in the woods, finds the crystals along with the shed. She knocks on the door and demands they tell her everything as she'd found out about the OSO and the search for the Oryton. She shows them the crystals she found just outside the shed, showing to the OSO that someone had been spying on them. Lucy asks Dann if he can wipe Karin's memory, he explains that she knows too much and is not capable of wiping that much information. Instead, he performs a telepathic scan on Karin which she is confirmed as clean (therefore not the evil) and is welcomed to the OSO part time. When Lina returns to the house she is caught by Zula who had seen her 'faint' that morning. In panic she uses the redlight powers to make Zula freeze.

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