The Splitting Edit

Still at the ball, James and Maia are waiting for Lucy and Tom to show up. After a while they realise their dates aren't going to show up and instead they dance with each other. The OSO, still bewildered by the fact that Toby's souls have split, try to figure out why the initation went wrong. They come to the conclusion that they performed the initiation wrong and so, instead of one soul being crystalised, both souls split from each other. Odette drives home and tells the wolf Toby that she will drop him off then she 'has an appointment with her mew mister'. Lucy and Tom finally realise they'd both forgotten about the ball and by the time they arrive back at school Maia, James ane everyone else had already left the building.

When Lucy arrives at home she is greeted by her father who introduces her to his new girlfriend, Odette. When Lucy's dad is out of the room she ask's Odette why she's really here. Odette replies that she is only here for love and to watch the wolf. Unconvinced, Lucy demands Odette return home, and when Odette returns to her home, a little house in the woods, it is revealed that she has multiple wolves, including Toby, locked up in cages and tells the, (the wolves) that she is almost ready to extract their souls. Weakened by the lack of his wolf soul, Toby tells Lina that if he is too long without his wolf soul then he wil die. At school a new boy, called Elliott, joins the class. Maia tells James that she thinks he is attractive and would date him if she wasn't so shy to ask. Later on in the day Elliott comes up to her and thanks her for the love note she placed in his locker (Which James had placed in his locker for her as a thank you for keeping him company that previous day). Elliott asks her out on a date to the beach to which she gladly accepts and then thanks James for setting them up.

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