The Secret Edit

A week before Halloween, the OSO prepare for the initiation. Lina informs Elgare that it is unknown which soul will get removed as they do not know which of Toby's two souls is the one with power. With the help of Tom, Elgare finds out the truth. Tom tells him to not tell Lina as he believes it will 'break her'. The school announce that there will be a Halloween costume ball on the night of Halloween. James asks Lucy to the ball and (though she is dating Dann) accepts. Maia, the student librarian who helped Lucy and James, asks Tom who also accepts due to the fact that Lina is going with Toby (who is still with Penny in the woods) and doesn't want to be alone at the ball. Lucy's dad, who's thoughts have returned to normal, realises that Lucy has not been taking her tablets and when Lucy gets home from school he confronts her about it and locks her in her bedroom.

Dann spots James telling someone that he is going to the ball with Lucy and Dann heads to Lucy's house to ask her why. He discovers the room is locked and he sneaks up to the balcony. Lucy tells him that she couldn't tell him the truth because if she did then he would remember everything again. She apologises and tells him that she can still go with him but they must not tell James. Lina returns back to the woods to try and collect Toby from Penny when she is spotted by Penny who taunts her and tells her that the initiation will go 'one way or the other'

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