The Saviour Edit

The OSO and Edith drive to the stone circle. Lucy spots Lina with an older man on the hill where the stone circle is and they park the car and run up the hill. Lina watches the older man (her great grandfather) turn into a redlight parasite and begins to extract her redlight into the stone in the middle of the circle. Edith explains that the parasite wants to extract the redlight personality in order to bring the stone circle to life that will give the circle the power to make redlight the only living source on earth. By the time they reach the top of the hill they discover that Lina is incredibly weak having had most of the redlight removed from her system. The sky begins to turn a shade of red as the stone circle comes to life. Dann attempts to hack the parasite's thoughts while Lucy sets fire to the parasite. Edith tells them that verbal and physical violence will never work. In a split second Tom realises the only option to save Lina. He runs up to Lina, takes her in his arms and whispers the words 'I love you'. He kisses her, causing a violent bond making the stone circle lose power and the parasite is destroyed, making Tom and Lina fall to the floor.

Tom wakes up and begins coughing up what looks like blood. Edith takes a closer look at the substance to realise it is glowing. She confirms that it is the redlight personality, and will need to be frozen if used in the Oryton's creation. Minutes later, Lina wakes up wondering what happened. Lucy runs up to her and gives her a massive hug and tells her that she will explain later. Dann spots Karin who had seen everything happening, and asks her if she would like to help the OSO. She declines this request as she believes she won't be wanted but tells him that if she sees anything OSO-worthy then she will come to him or another OSO member immediately. In the evening Lina goes to Tom's house who finds that he is cooling the redlight personality. She asked him if he loved her, he replied that he had figured out how to get the redlight out of her system. Already knowing that he does have feelings for her, Lina simply smiles and helps him freeze the liquid into redlight crystals for the rest of the evening.

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