The Romance Edit

The High School have an arranged an end of year prom to celebrate the hard work of the pupils. Elliott gets a visit from the Shadower, who he now works for, and congratulates him for getting rid of Elliott's 'distraction' (by killing Maia) and that his focus must now be placed on keeping The Chosen safe. The shadower tells him that the two girls (Sirena and Karin) are getting closer and alerts Elliott to keep a close eye on them in case something should happen. After the revelation that Sirena is a lesbian and is dating Karin, Lucy decides to ask Dann out again and when they are alone Dann feels a strong telepathic wave from Sirena. Lucy tells him to ignore it and they continue to make out. Elliott goes to visit Lina in green form and gets her to drink a potion. Tom comes in mid-flow and believes Elliott is trying to poison her. He demands he gets out and Tom gets the nurses straight in.

Later on in the day, Dann feels another telepathic wave. Dann feels as if Sirena is more than she says she is and finds Karin and on the pier. Karin tells Dann to stay out of their relationship as Sirena is the only person who makes her feel truely happy. Upon the arrival of Sirena, Dann leaves them and her and Karin go on a date. As the sun sets both girls are drunk and Karin tells Sirena that they should be heading back to the house. Sirena strips off and tells her to come into the sea with her. They swim in the sea before making love with each other. Elliott spots Sirena and Karin naked and takes a picture of them to show the Shadower.

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