The Reunification Edit

Lucy and Dann rush to the woods to find their friends and save them from Odette. When they find her place they see Elliott, who now thanks to the potion has turned fully green. Lucy doesn't realise it's Elliott at first and when she does she asks him what happened. He explains that he wanted to be normal, no longer genetically enhanced, and so he took a potion from a witch who said it would make him normal, only to find that Odette only used him to become another mutant for her to extract crystals from in order to create the Oryton. Elgare and Tom also head to the woods to find Penny, who they believe is the one who can reunite Toby's souls back together, even though the fact remains that one of his souls will still have to be crystalised. Penny tells them that Odette will not be able to reunite the souls as she does not have the spell But nevertheless agrees to reunite Toby's souls and they head to Odette's place to try and reunite them. Odette realises that a spell must be used to reunite the souls and decides that Lina is more important than she one thought. She takes her into the extracting room, only for Lucy to spot Lina struggling and sets Odette on fire. Dann hacks Odette's mind in time for them to free Lina and the others. They rush out of the building as Odette and her place burns to death. Penny and Elgare get both the Toby's and reunite them back together before the extraction.

The following morning, the fire and death or Odette is on the news and Lucy's dad breaks down in tears as he believes Lucy is behind it. He tells her that he will not tolerate her at home anymore and sends her to the boarding home at the school as he can't live with her and her powers anymore. Tom tells Lina that it is the human soul that will be taken from Toby however Lina had already figured it out after seeing him weakened without his true self. Elgare performs the real initiation, forming the human soul into crystals and leaving the wolf roaming. Penny promises Lina that she will take care of his wolf self and Lina breaks down in tears at the thought of Toby's human 'death'. Tom comforts her and they create a grave for him in the woods. Elliott has escaped from radar, meaning his green personality remains inside, later to be discovered by Penny who is taking Toby the wolf for a walk. Penny, being able to talk to animals, understands what Elliott wants and removes the green and places the potion in a jar and says if he is to need it then he should contact her. Lucy tells Dann that she feels that after what has happened that she cannot be with him any longer. They mutually agree to split up despite still having feelings for each other as they realise that they bring out the worst in each other. In the last scene we see Odette's ashes but with flashing purple crystals on top of them, hinting that the evil inside her survived the fire.

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