The Redlight Edit

When the OSO (now with Karin) return to the house they discover red crystals on the frozen Zula. Still oblivious to Lina's possession, they predict a teacher may be responsible and Dann unfreezes Zula she tells them that she doesn't remember what happened. Tom, with the help of Elgare, identifies the crystal as Redlight crystal - a crystal that inhibits your personality and keeps your lifeapan going when faced with death. Tom explains to the OSO that when the crystal is activated it makes the person controlled by the crystal become more and more evil. This reminds Lucy of when Edith told her that 'the evil has been awakened'. Dann recommends they check up on Lina and when they go to her and Lucy's room they find her bed empty. The OSO decide to split up and look for her as they believe she is vulnerable and could be in danger if the evil is lurking nearby.

Karin looks around the house in an attempt to find Lina and ends up finding her in the cellar. She tells Lina to come back with her and instead Lina flashes Redlight at her to make her lose her memory of seeing her and Karin runs away. When the OSO reunite Karin complains of sudden memory loss. Dann picks up a telepathic trace of the evil and traces it back to Karin, he reveals that the evil is Karin herself (despite the fact that Lina is the evil). Karin, who cannot remember searching for the evil, promises that she is innocent but is disowned from the group. Upon being disowned Karin begins to doubt her own innocence and she walks into the woods, only to be met by Lina letting her full identity show. Evil Lina tells her that she made Karin lose her memory and let her be unveiled as the evil for cold-blooded revenge for attacking her earlier that year. With no evidence but her words, Karin flees out of the woods and demands that the OSO listen to her. She informs them that it's Lina who's the evil and not her, much to their disbelief.

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