The Necklace Edit

Lucy confronts her dad about Odette as he is unaware of her plans for the wolves. He takes her opinions negatively and believes that she is just playing up because she doesn't want their lives to change. Upset, he tells Odette that he hopes she will come to like her soon. Odette, wearing a purple necklace, hugs him and her eyes flash the same colour as the necklace, hinting that she is being controlled by another force. The OSO work on a method in order to unite the souls back together. Lina sees that Toby is weakening by the day and realises he may die before the souls can be reunited. Without a plan, Lina rushes to Odette's place with Toby to try and reunite the souls before it's too late. However when Odette sees them coming she captures Lina and Toby's human soul and locks them up.

Maia and Elliott go on their date (as arranged by James). They meet on the pier and he tells her an important secret: that he was genetically modified as a kid. He explains to her how he was diagnosed with Dyslexia as a kid and because his genius parents wanted him to be clever, they got him illegally genetically enhanced. With nothing to reply with, Maia runs away from him in shock. Alone, Elliott walks to the cliff where he is met by an elder woman under a cloak who tells him that 'this should do the trick' and gives him a bright green potion. He thanks her and when he walks away we see her eyes flash purple, the same colour as Odette's necklace.

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