The Murder Edit

On the night of the prom, the OSO arrive at the school. Tom is finally able to be with her lifetime crush and best friend, Lina, and invites her to dance almost instantly. Dann, who is suspicious of Lucy, confronts her beforehand. Lucy/Sirena just tells him he is being silly and wants tonight to be the night they spend away from the OSO. Lucy (In Sirena's body) realises she is Sirena and that she can use her telepathic abilities to escape the station. She also realises that with Sirena in Lucy's body she could do terrible things if she is free and runs straight to the prom. While a slow song is playing, Tom nervously attempts to tell Lina, finally, how he feels about her. Before he can say that he loves her she tells him she's going to get some air outside and that she'll be back later. Lucy/Sirena sees Lina and takes her chance by telling Dann that she's going to the toilet. Lucy/Sirena finds Lina outside and grabs a sheet of sharp glass from the window and comes at Lina from behind. Lina hears footsteps and freaks out, only for Lucy/Sirena to use the glass and ends up stabbing Lina in the heart.

Minutes later, Lucy (in Sirena's body) arrives at the scene to find Lina's dead body. When Lucy/Sirena and Sirena/Lucy are reunited their minds return to their bodies. Sirena runs away and Lucy, who is now subsequently holding Lina's dead body, is surprised when Tom comes outside to find Lucy with blood on her hands and a dead Lina. Tom rushes to Lina and falls to his knees in shock. Dann finds them, equally shocked, and calls for an ambulance. The students and teachers all come outside and Lucy tries to explain herself: that Sirena switched their bodies, much to the others disbelief. When the ambulance arrives the paramedics inform them that Lina is indeed dead and call the police and they arrest Lucy for murder. Dann informs Elgare of what happened and that he believes what Lucy was saying is true as she had been acting weird the whole evening. In the police holding cell, Lucy sits crying at the thought of her best friend being killed by Lucy's own body.

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