The Message Edit

The next day at school Lucy asks Lina and Tom what the code means. Lina says that she has to figure it out herself and when Lucy leaves them Tom asks Lina why she can't tell her. Lina replies that 'if she knows what it means then she is the one we are looking for'. In class, Lucy subtly asks James if he will help her translate the note. He takes her to the library where they are met by fellow student and library assistant Maia Edwards who gives them a book on translation. Lucy and James manage to translate the message which reads as '8pm, the shed in the woods, 9/10/11' Lucy understands and plans to go to the woods, James insists he goes with her as he does not want her to be on her own. That night Lucy and James meet up and find the shed in the woods.

Lucy opens the door to the shed where she is welcomed by Lina, Tom and another guy around the same age. Lucy shouts outside to James that it is safe to come in but at that very moment the guy (known as Dann Thomas) grabs James as he comes in and asks Lucy why she brought a non-mutant with her. An older man known as Elgare comes into the room and explains to Lucy that they are the Oryton Search Organisation - or OSO for short. They are a group of mutants who are given the destiny to create the Oryton and possess different powers: Tom is a genius, Dann is a telepath, Toby is a werewolf and Lucy has pyrokinesis. Elgare explains that Lina's power is unknown but that anyone who is destined to be part of the OSO is important. Elgare tells her that they collect powers using crystal elements of the powers themselves and that they need to collect seven different powers in order to create the Oryton and restore peace in the world. Overwhelmed with information, Lucy just frees James and runs back, not knowing what to say.

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