The Meltdown Edit

Lina, who is now home from the hospital, decides she is able to go back to school, much to Zula's disapproval. When Lina enters the school she is told by several pupils that Tom and Karin went on a date and are now an item. Lina is upset by this as she thought that Tom liked her instead of Karin. Things get worse for Lina when she arrives at science to find that Karin has taken her seat next to Tom, and even worse when her science teacher, Mr Hugh, shows the class a documentary about a car crash. This brings back bad flashbacks of the night of the crash causing Lina to panic and run out of the classroom. Lucy spots Lina crying in the bathroom and tells her that everything will be alright in the end and informs her that she needs to have an OSO meeting that night. Lina is dreading at as she realises she will have to face Tom.

At the meeting, Lucy tells the OSO of the life threatening evil as mentioned by Edith, only to be interruped by Lina and Tom bickering over his date with Karin. That night, Lina wakes up from a nightmare screaming. Lucy asks her what it was about, Lina says she cannot remember only that it felt evil. At school Lucy gets a day-visit from Edith who shows her old photographs of the evil. Though the pictures are faded it is clear that the evil has red eyes. Tom tells Karin that they can't be together because he has feelings for Lina. Jealous of Lina, Karin attacks her in rage, causing the pair to fight and make a scene in front of the entire school. For attacking Lina, Tom breaks up with Karin, and she ends up getting excluded from the school for attacking another pupil. Lina is let off with a warning and Mr Hugh comes up to her to apologise for showing her the clip as the school are aware of what happened in the crash.

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