The Love Edit

Karin lets Sirena stay in her room for the night in order to theoretically protect Lina, who is now back from hospital, from Sirena. Instead of there being a message on the bathroom mirror, Lucy wakes up to find a note on her arm that reads 'you're clever, Lucy Nelson Clarke, but not clever enough!' The next morning Lucy finds herself unable to wake Lina and sees the hole of blood has deepened. Lucy shouts for Zula to call the ambulance and Lina is brought back into hospital. Karin tells Maia (who is going to see Elliott and his parents that evening) not to go. Maia asks her why she is being so negative and goes anyway. Karin asks Sirena if she will go to help persuade Maia not to go as they both saw Elliott raging with the green. They spot Maia looking for Elliott in the dark, and before they can do anything, a car comes straight towards Maia and runs her over, killing her.

In shock, Karin and Sirena run up to her to find she was killed instantly. Karin spots Elliott is driving the car and demands he tell her why he did that. Elliott takes one look at Sirena, growls at her, and runs away. Karin tells Sirena to stay where she is while she goes to get Elliott. Sirena tells her to be safe and holds her hand and Karin heads into the woods. She finds Elliott and repeats the question. He avoids the question and tells her that Sirena gave him the green. Karin tells him he is talking rubbish and that Sirena would never do that. The next day Karin comes with Tom to the hospital to see Lina. When Tom leaves the room Karin tells Lina that she believes she is developing romantic feelings for Sirena and that she's beginning to question her sexuality. Lina tells her that if she feels that way then she should tell Sirena how she feels as, due to the recent deaths, they both know that no-one is safe. Karin tells Sirena how she feels and they share a kiss before heading to Maia's funeral.

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