The Initiation Edit

Toby, who has now been collected by Lina, agrees to undergo the initiation no matter what his werewolf soul says. Lina tells him that whatever happens she will always love him. On the day of Halloween the OSO head into the woods to prepare for the initiation when Lucy gets a call from James reminding her that it is a costume ball and that he is dressing up as Dracula. Maia, who doesn't know what to wear, asks James for costume advice as she sees he is already in his costume five hours before the ball.

After hiding out in the woods, the full moon rises and the OSO begin the initiation. Elgare explains that the initation involves a detoxing of the souls which will rid him of one of his souls leaving him with only one. The initiation is completed however, instead of only one soul remaining and the other being turned to crystal, Toby's souls have been split into two beings: one human, one wolf. Seconds later a woman approaches with a van who tells the OSO that she can take care of the wolf. She introduces herself as Odette, an animal protector, and takes Toby's wolf soul back with her.

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