The Green Edit

The morning after, Lucy, Dann and Tom realise that Lina and Toby are missing. Elgare knows that Lina was desperate to keep him alive. Odette shows up at the OSO shed and when they ask if she has seen them she lies and says that she has not but that the reunification would not be possible anyway. When Odette leaves the shed Dann tells Elgare that he sensed she was lying and before Lucy could catch up to her she had already left. Elliott takes the green potion and comes up to Maia and apologises for breaking the news to her so quickly. Maia forgives him and asks if they can redo their date to which they plan a new date that evening. Later in the say Elliott goes into the bathroom and realises he has green veins and eyes. At the sight of it, he freaks out and goes straight into the woods to try and find the woman who gave the potion to him, forgetting all about his redo date with Maia.

When Elliott finds the woman she reveals herself as Odette, captures him with Toby and Lina, and explains to him that she simply needed him to take the potion for her to gain another crystal as she wants to create the Oryton herself, of which Elgare has stated that if not made by The Chosen, a person who they need to find, the Oryton will make the world evil. Odette, now with two powers, plans to take the other members of the Oryton. Odette asks Lina, who seemingly has no power, what her power is and tortures her even though she is telling the truth. In the evening, Maia believes she has been stood up by Elliott and seeks advice from Lucy, who has been dating Dann for weeks now and are on a date. Their date is subsequently interrupted by Tom and Elgare who realise that Odette is the one who has taken Toby and Lina and Tom has been able to locate Odette. Elgare tells them that they must use a reunification spell to bring the souls back into one, and fast, as Odette wants to create the Oryton herself and unleash evil into the world.

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