The Glowing Edit

The next morning Lucy tells Lina about her nightmare - how Dann had red eyes, just like Lina when she was possessed by the redlight personality a few months back. Lina insists that it's only the memories of past events coming back to haunt her. Lucy notices Lina looks paler than usual and asks her if she is alright. Lina insists she is fine and gets her books ready for school. In Gym class Maia and Elliott are forced to talk to each other when they are told to collect the gym equipment in. Elliott and Maia apologise to each other for the difficulties of their relationship and with the gym equipment ends up playing a competitive game of tennis. When Elliott wins she blames it on his genetic modification and finally confesses her feelings towards him, to which he also feels the same way.

Lucy feels as if her nightmares are being caused by someone, and believes they are being caused by Sirena as, apart from Dann, she is the only one who has the power to send her nightmares. That night Lucy finds another blood-written message on the mirror that reads 'you're looking in the wrong direction'. Lucy sneaks back to get her phone to find Lina's sleeping body glowing in the dark. She looks around the room to find Sirena missing and retrieves her phone and takes a picture of the glowing Lina. By the time she gets to the bathroom the message had changed to 'now you're on the right track'. Lucy shows the OSO the picture of the glowing Lina Elgare becomes very curious of Lina's role in the OSO as it has still not been found. When Lina arrives late she is suddenly overwhelmed with illness and passes out. Lucy calls the ambulance and when the paramedics arrive they see she has lost a lot of blood and Tom insists he comes in the ambulance with Lina to ensure she is safe.

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