The Futile Edit

Dann gets a reluctant Lucy and Karin (in Sirena's body) back to the shed. Karin and Sirena are reunited with each other and their minds are reunited with their bodies in time to save Karin. Dann tells Lucy that he realised she was not herself even before the death and that no-one blames her for the death, despite what the police think. Sirena manages to escape the chains she was locked up in and runs away. Karin, who knows Sirena may be her only true love, goes after her. Karin finds Sirena on the edge of the pier, attempting to kill herself. Before a defenceless Sirena can do anything Karin tells her that she knows that Sirena does not want to be evil and tells her that no matter what happens the things she has done will always haunt her. Sirena tells her that she cannot escape the evil. Karin knows that it's her own fault that the real Sirena was released. They share one last kiss before Karin quickly pushes Sirena into the water. As Sirena drowns Karin tells her that the Sirena she knew would never lie to her because she knows the evil was always there despite Sirena's efforts to hide it, and walks away, leaving her to die.

The OSO host Lina's funeral and decide to bury her body next to that of Toby's. Tom tells the people at the funeral that Lina was his first and only love and that it was the day they got together that she died. Dann tells Elgare that Karin has a terminal illness and, for helping and saving Lucy and killing Sirena, makes her a temporary telepath. Elliott rushes to the shed and tells Elgare that he wants his genetic modification removed, and when Dann asks what is going on Elgare explains that he is Elliott's real father - the one who wanted him to be genetically modified so he could use his crystals in the creation of the Oryton. The plan, however, backfired when the genetic modification gave off no crystals as it was a physical change and Elliott abandoned Elgare and his already corrupt mother, and was put into care. But Elgare and the rest of the OSO know that no Oryton can now be made as the Chosen is dead. Lucy and Tom, with no chance of finding the Oryton, quit the OSO

In a snowy world, a dark haired girl in a white dress can be seen. The Shadower emerges and whispers the word 'chosen'. The girl turns around revealing that Lina is, in some way, still alive.

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