The Funeral Edit

One week after the crash, Lucy and Dann head to James Harroway's funeral which is held at the local church. They are welcomed by James' dad who hands them a programme of the funeral. Dann tells James' dad that Tom wanted to come but he has been worried about Lina, who has been in hospital all week, and has stayed with her as often as he can. At the funeral Lucy makes a speech about how he was always so positive and kind, followed by a song from James' two eight year old sisters that makes Lucy tear up. After the funeral Dann oversees the burial of James while Lucy wanders around the graveyard. Without looking where she's going she trips and bumps into an elderly woman. The woman seems distressed and when Lucy asks if she can help her she whispers in Lucy's ear the words 'she is awake'. Seconds later Lucy gets a call from Tom who excitedly informs her that Lina is awake.

Amazed by the news that Lina is awake, Lucy and Dann leave the church and head to the hospital with Elgare. The nurses say that Lina is making a steady recovery but will need to remain in hospital for a while longer until she makes a full recovery. Lina, who is still groggy having just woken up, smiles at Lucy, showing that she still recognises the OSO. Dann breaks the news about James' death causing Lina to realise what happened on the night and cries.

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