The Freed Edit

The morning after, Karin wakes up in a hotel bed with no sign of Sirena. She grabs her clothes and leaves the room to try and find her. When she tries to leave the hotel she is stopped by a police officer who apparently saw what happened between her and Sirena and are being arrested for public indecency. This is before Dann finds out that Sirena and Karin never returned home that evening and manages to wipe the officer's memory in time to rescue Karin. Dann demands she tells him why they did it in the beach where anyone could see and Karin had no reply for that. Elliott is visited by the Shadower and tells him that 'it is done'. Tom overhears this and demands Elliott tells him what he is talking about. Elliott explains that his job is to keep The Chosen safe, and by using a potion antidote can protect her from the draining. Tom suddenly realises that the reason Lina does not have a power but is part of the OSO is because she is The Chosen (the one who must create the Oryton) and that is how come she had been suffering - because someone is trying to kill The Chosen and prevent the Oryton's creation.

Sirena's true personality is revealed when she finds herself in a cave. She smirks and tells herself that 'having sex with a sick girl was worth it' to be able to free herself. Dann tries to link up with Sirena by telepathy to discover that he cannot link to her and that her presence is not what it was. Dann tells Elgare that he senses Sirena was not what she used to be. Elgare realises she may have been hiding information that she didn't know she had. He explains that this could be done by using a sleeper agent who does things without realising they are doing them. This explains the draining of the blood and the writing on the walls, and that Lucy was right about Sirena after all. Dann asks how the agent personality could be freed, but then figures out the answer - sex. The Shadower visits Elliott in rage for letting the demon Sirena escape from the telepath and decides to rid him of the worthy green, making Elliott fully human again.

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