The Flirt Edit

The OSO return to school the day after the funeral. Tom is put in charge of new student, Karin van der Linden, a beautiful blonde girl who begins flirting with him as he takes her on a tour of the school. Lucy mentions to Elgare that she knew Lina was awake before Tom rang to tell her due to an elderly woman telling her the same thing a few seconds before. Elgare and Dann track the signature of the elderly woman from Lucy to find that she is Edith Harroway, James' Great Grandmother, and is currently living in an elderly care home. Lucy goes to the home and asks her how she knew that Lina had woken up. Edith refuses to say anuthing and shoo's her away before Lucy could ask any more questions.In the afternoon in science class, Karin sits next to Tom in the seat Lina usually sits, and asks Tom out on a date. Despite having feelings for Lina, he agrees in the hope that Lina won't find out as she is still recovering at the hospital.

Lucy spots Tom and Karin on their date in the shopping centre. When Tom sees Lucy he goes up to her and begs her not to tell Lina that he was on a date with Karin. She promises not to but informs him that him and the rest of the OSO need to have a meeting that evening and tells him to 'enjoy his date'. That evening Lucy tells the OSO that Edith, James' Great Grandmother, was able to sense that Lina was awake. They come to the conclusion that Edith must be a mutant and therefore a part of the OSO. Dann sends the information of the Oryton through a telepathic link to Edith, and when Lucy goes to see her again she appears more tame and tells Lucy that there is a life threatening evil among the OSO.

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