The Draining Edit

With Lina in the hospital, Tom finds out that Lina's blood type is A- and calls Lucy to ask her to take a sample of blood from the mirror. Lucy, who is now used to the blood-written words on the bathroom mirror, sees that the words read 'damn you, Lucy Nelson Clarke'. Lucy grabs an empty bottle and takes a sample of blood from the mirror. The next morning Elliott comes to Maia's room and asks her if he could take her to dinner with his parents, she accepts and excitedly tells Karin. Dann overhears the conversation between them and when Maia leaves he tells Karin that Elliott is not to be trusted, Karin simply replies 'and you are?' and offers to take Maia to her date. Lucy takes the blood sample from the mirror to the hospital and checks up on Lina. Tom takes Lina's wrist to find holes of dried blood, as if someone had been draining her of blood. Tom tests the blood sample to find they are the same type - that the blood on the mirror is Lina's.

Karin takes a walk on the beach where she notices a green figure by the sea. She realises the figure could be OSO-worthy and gets closer to record the evidence. The green figure, revealed to be Elliott, turns around and becomes mad when he sees her recording and attacks her, only to he rescued by Sirena who was also passing by. Karin thanks her for saving her. Having not met each other before they introduce themselves to one another and decide to get away from the beach. Lucy pieces the evidence against Sirena together, as she realises the only person who would have close access to Lina at night is Sirena. Ready to confront, Lucy spots Sirena with Karin in the woods. She takes Karin to one side mid-conversation and asks her if Sirena could move into her and Maia's room and subsequently asks Karin to keep an eye on her. She agrees to and shows Lucy the video she recorded of Elliott, who still has the green, raging. Lucy thanks Karin for the evidence and realises Sirena may not be the evil at all.

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