The Destiny Edit

Lucy has a nightmare about the Oryton and how if the Oryton is not created then disasters in the world will keep happening and if it is not made in time then all life on earth could get destroyed. Lina gets upset with the rest of the OSO as she believes they came on too strongly and blamed Dann for it as he grabbed James. Dann finds out where she lives and gets into he bedroom, startling Lucy when she wakes up. He tells her that he came in order to apologise for 'grabbing the non-mutant'. She gets out of bed and forces him onto the balcony. he tells her that he knew she had a nightmare. She tells him that he is creepy for tracking her down but he replies with the fact that she cannot walk away from her destiny and that no matter how hard she tries parts of her will remain with them.

At school James finds Lucy and tells her that he found what happened that last night cool but begins asking questions about what they were talking about. Luckily, Dann came to the rescue and wiped James' memory of all the events that happened that previous evening. After doing so Lucy tells Dann that what he did was unfair. Dann explains that is what life is like with a secret identity. Lucy still refuses to admit her destiny and Dann explains to her why she is needed. She smirks at his comment and to prove that he meant it he kisses her and tells her to think about it over before she made any instant decisions. That evening Lucy returns to the woods and tells Elgare that she will help them, but only to create the Oryton. He explains that two crystals have already been found and on Halloween an initiation process will take place to receive another crystal - the one from Toby's soul.

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