The Beginning Edit

Thirteen year old Lucy Nelson Clarke, who has the power to create fire in her hands, moves to the village to start a new life with her dad after her mum abandoned them. On the first day at her new school she meets the head teacher and gets into trouble with bad boy Zane. At lunch she is confronted by clever girl Lina McGuire who tells her he is a bad influence. The two of them fight, only to be put on detention and are made to clean the bathroom. In the bathroom the girls get into another argumemt, Lucy tells her to stay out of her business and ends up lashing out at Lina by using her power on her. When the fire is released Lucy realises what she had done and quickly runs out of the bathroom. Lina gets up from the floor and grabs her phone from her pocket. She calls someone and tells them that 'she's found her'.

Lina gets off the phone and tells her friend Tom Withersbury (who was waiting for her outside the bathroom door) that they need to have a group meeting. The next day in school Lucy asks her desk partner, James Harroway, about Lina. He says that Lina is extremely reserved and rarely lashes out at anyone. Later on in Gym class Lucy gets paired up with Lina who apologises for her behaviour and after class she hands Lucy a note with a coded message. Lucy asks Lina what it says but Lina simply walks away.

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