The Accident Edit

On the day Lucy moves into the boarding house, James Harroway invites her and the rest of the OSO to a birthday party. Lucy, who has never been to a birthday party before having lived in isolation from friends, nervously accepts. When she breaks the news of the party to her dad on the phone. To Lucy's surprise, he is uncharacteristically positive about it. Lucy tells Zula, the house mother, and her now-roomate and friend, Lina, that she is going to check on her dad. When she arrives at the house he acts strange until Lucy spots Dann in the garden, whom she had worked with in the Oryton for nearly a year and had at one point dated. She accuses him of controlling her dad by telepathy and reitterated that she did not want his presence known in the family and forced him to leave.

The night of the party approaches and Lucy goes through Lina's wardrobe and picks out a green dress, which Lina had worn on the day Toby 'died'. Lucy felt bad for wearing it as it wad evident that Lina was still not over Toby. The OSO and James are being driven to the venue by James' drunken older brother who ends up crashing into two cars leaving James and Lina serverely injured in the crash and Dann and Tom with broken bones. Lucy was the only person who was left unharmed and the OSO are admitted to hospital. With James and Lina in critical condition, the doctor tells Lucy, Dann and Tom, who had spent hours waiting for news on their friends, that James will almost certainly die, only to be interrupted by a nurse who confirms that James is dead and that Lina is in a coma.

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